Bring your events, your fundraising and your supporters together.

Supporters register for your events, fundraise and tell their story, all in one place. Build stronger relationships around your events.

This is Amy. She organises events for a local charity.
“We've been making supporters jump through hoops to buy tickets, register and then fundraise for our events. Echoleft brings everything we need together.”

Are you asking your supporters to register in one place, fundraise in another and communicate with you elsewhere?

Put everything in one place, with your supporters at the heart of it all.

Echoleft helps your supporters register for your event, create their fundraising page and collect donations and sponsorships.

Here's how we help you manage, grow and support your events.

  • Set up events quickly and easily.
    We guide your team through the setup process, so it's easy for new members of the team to get up-to-speed.
  • Custom Registration Forms
    Gather the data you need from each attendee.
  • From registering to fundraising in one place.
    We create an end-to-end process for a supporter to register for an event and create a branded fundraising page. All in one place.
  • Group Bookings
    Make it easy for people to register in groups, while still gathering the right details for everyone.
  • Free and pay-what-you-can events.
    Gather attendance information for free events, or ask people to contribute whatever they wish to the event.
  • Dependent Registrations
    We make it easy to handle data for events with children and families.

Used by thousands of people supporting incredible causes.


Make your events social.

Add your own branding to event fundraising pages, so they look amazing and promote your event on Facebook and other social networks.

Add big ‘cover’ photos to event pages to provide a great opportunity for corporate sponsors to see their name spread far and wide on social media.

Fundraising teams also offer a great branding opportunity for your sponsors, their staff can take part and offer an entirely branded sponsorship page.


Great fundraising tools for third-party events.

If you're working with an events company, or taking part in an existing event, you can still provide branded, personalised fundraising pages for your supporters.

Fundraising totals and data stay in one place, allowing you to reach your targets and provide a branded fundraising experience for your supporters.


Events & fundraising in one place, data you can take anywhere.

You want to provide a great experience for your supporters, but it's vital that you can re-use the data they provide in your database and any other systems.

Echoleft's export templates mean you can integrate event and donation information into your existing database, or anywhere else you need e.g. printing off registration forms or sending registration packs.

Custom data consent fields mean you can maintain your GDPR compliance at every step.



Echoleft has helped Girls Night Out grow from £190,000 in 2015 to a record-breaking £275,000 in 2017.

Girls Night Out is in its 10th year, and in 2017 more than 2,400 women signed up! They don their pyjamas, a pair of glowing bunny ears with a huge smile they walk 11.2 or six miles through Bury St Edmunds.

  • We made group bookings easier and put everyone in charge of their own data.
  • Participants create a fundraising page during registration.
  • Our fundraising teams encourage participants to raise more money.
  • Custom registration forms make it easy for the charity to ask for everything they need.

Whatever the shape and size of your team.

Single Charity Fundraiser

“I'm thinking about running our first events, or using a third-party events company.”

  • It's easy to set up and promote new events.
  • No fees for free events, a great way to get started.
  • Branded fundraising pages for events run by external companies.
4 people at a mud run taking a selfie.

“We run a few events and want to grow their size and their impact.”

  • Group bookings to bring in more supporters with less friction.
  • Built-in team fundraising pages to encourage more donations.
  • Events and fundraising pages that work with your social media promotions.
Large group of people in fancy dress.

“We have established events and we're ready to make more of them.”

  • We power events with thousands of attendees.
  • Custom support and training available for your team and supporters.
  • Custom export and integrations available.

Great prices for great causes.

Amy standing with hands in pockets

Amy's team can manage the event, and the fundraising in one place.

Echoleft makes things easier for your supporters, it also makes things easier for you!

  • Add branding and custom email contents for every event.
  • Get a combined ticket/fee and fundraising total in real-time.
  • Your whole team can help manage events.
  • Our payment provider, Stripe, means payments are PCI compliant.
  • GDPR policies in place, custom data consent features available.
  • All donations offer GiftAid eligibility.
  • Customisable CSV exports to integrate with your own database or CRM.

“This sounds really useful,
I'd love to speak to someone about this.”

No problem, let us know your details below and we'll be in touch.
No pressure, you're in charge of the conversation.


More features to take your events further.

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Security and privacy.
Clear and simple privacy controls are combined with built-in security features, including encryption. You can be confident that your supporters are using modern, secure software.

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Your terms. Your conditions.
Provide customised terms and conditions for events and donations to make sure your GDPR, data protection, health and safety and other legal responsibilities are taken care of.

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Social media promotion packs.
If your team doesn't have the time to create, publish and distribute great branded content for social media, we can provide that for your events.

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Integrate with your website.
Your website is the heart of your digital presence, so we help your events fit in perfectly and your supporters discover them.

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In-Memory Fundraising Available
We offer beautiful memorial websites with built-in tribute funds. Designed for family and friends, integrated directly with your charity.

Speech bubble with heart icon.

Ask us anything.
If there's anything you're not sure about, our team can help. No pressure, no hassle, you can email or call at any time.

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Events are a hugely important part of fundraising so let’s talk about what you’re looking to achieve and how we can help you make more of every minute you spend working on them.

With no up-front costs and no commitments, Echoleft is a great way to take your events fundraising further, whether it’s an established annual event or something brand new.


The names and scenarios listed on this page are illustrative only, but they represent the thousands of people that use Echoleft to create wonderful events and fundraising experiences.